Insane Films: Gaudi Barcelona

This is my record of the Gaudi sites in Barcelona.

gaudi barcelong gypsy

click here for direct download of large ipod/iphone video

Music is “An Evening of Long Goodbyes” by Rachel’s Band.

thanks to Mikeypod for the music suggestion

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    3 thoughts on “Insane Films: Gaudi Barcelona”

    1. The footage was very beautiful. The editing was superb. It’s sad to think that everywhere you go there is always going to be someone who is much more in need than everyone else. I guess it’s just the state of our planet.

    2. I really enjoyed this, the music seemed to fit perfectly with the video and I liked the timing of the whole thing. Nice to see Cheryl’s Spanish cousin there at the end.

      I was tempted to join you in Barcelona but the timing sucked, because of Leaphard and because I was feeling broke. I’m not sure I would have made it any better for you though, probably worse, but we could have drunk lots of coffee and admired fat tourists’ asses.

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