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Slaughtered Wigtails

A spoof of a transgressive short film by Usama Alshaibi called “Slaughtered Pigtails” in which a woman is hunted down and brutally murdered. In this version, the hunter is a drag queen, and the victim is just a really bad actress. Starring Silky Jumbo and Shishaldin.

Insane Films: Filmmaker/Radio Host Usama Alshaibi at the Obama Rally (VloMo08-8)

I ran into Usama at the rally. Usama is an acclaimed filmmaker and his is also a radio host at the new Chicago Public Radio Station vocalo.org. He also used to work for Studs Terkel as his archivist and was even the subject of a chapter of one of Studs’ recent books.

Usama’s film Nice Bombs will be on The Sundance Channel later this month! Visit DanceHabibi for more info.


Convulsion Expulsion by Usama Alshaibi

This is the video referenced in
the Yeast Radio interview from today.
It was directed by Usama Alshaibi and starring his wife, Kristie Alshaibi.