Insane Films: ENB #1 – New Show Debut

This is Episode Number One of my new show, Eclectic News Breif.


CHINA IS TAKING ORGANS FROM FALUN GONG MEMBERS Permanent link to this item in the archive.

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per Weng Wenl

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This is an intervview the protestor who got arrested (Weng Wenl)
Thanks to Erik from Sherpa Business Systems for the link

Check out China’s Govenrment Web site where they allegedly sell the organs to anyone in the world.
oops the web site is gone. funny
BUT- It’s still in google’s cache!
and browse the removed site at the wayback machine!
The Selection of Volunteers
If you send your personal data to this center by e-mail or fax and accept the necessary body examination in Shenyang , China in order to assure a suitable donor, it may take only one month to receive a liver transplantation , the maximum waiting time being two months. As for the kidney transplantation , it may take one week to find a suitable donor,the maximum time being one month. Although the procedure to select a donor is very strict,, the transplant operation will be terminated if the doctor discovers that there is something wrong with the donor’s organ . If this happens, the patient will have the option to be offered another organ donor and have the operation again in one week.
As most doctors in Japan are highly trusted by their patients, if a doctor acquires high level of accomplishment in transplantation operations, we will invite him to come to our center to do the operation for you.
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