Insane Films: Yeastycunt

This is the first film I ever got screened at a film festival. It’s horrible. The part after the credits is funny though.

ENB #6: Diebold, Iraqi Oil Money, Wal-Mart

Today’s Topics:
Diebold Voting machines hacked again.
Where’s the Iraqi oil money going?
Wal-Mart getting huge in China.

Today’s episode was written by bicyclemark.


Insane Films: Other People’s Mirrors Part 4

Part four of Artvamp’s Other People’s Mirrors of which I was Director of Photography. Last week this film was mentioned in Filmmaker Magazine and was part of the Sinema film festifal in New York.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Chris Qumars Akhavan
Date: Sep 26, 2006 12:33 PM
Subject: RE: Some recent PANs
To: [email protected]
Cc: Mitali Pattnaik

Hi XXX, I watched some of your clips and have feedback for you. The content is engaging, entertaining, and has artistic substance.

Tips for making videos for the Yahoo! audience: avoid foul language/rated-R themes, aim for under 3 min. per clip, and try to keep the appeal broad (without sacrificing your vision, of course).



They have cancelled my account for posting non-pornographic material. Youtube is censorship. I’ll cuntinue posting my stuff on which is NOT censored at all.

PLEASE BOYCOTT YOUTUBE. It’s not a good thing.

Anyone can get a free account at and post anything without fear of censwhoreship as well. may be the same but I’m not sure.

Insane Films: Iraq, The Hidden Story

A documentary featuring a who’s who of military and cia analysts that explain why the Iraq war was and is a huge lie.

Insane Films: Psychotic 9/11 Premonitions from Washington Square (video journal for 06.18.2001 Part 1)

Weird. He listens to the echo. I get eaten out.

Insane Films: Why the Press Coverage of the Iraq War Sucks

This excellent documentary does a great job explaining just why the coverage of the Iraq War has been the worst in the age of communication- ironically enough.

Insane Films: Clowngina and Pals (Video Journal from 06.21.01 part 2)

More retro shit. Clowngina and lesbian rabbit teach us about lesbians with food allergies and borderline personality disorder. Also: bitchy gay guys.

Insane Films Vid Journal 10.12.06 OPM Part 3, Nick Zedd Trailers, News boobies.

Lots of material in this 20 minute hosted show inclduing part 3 of Other People’s Mirrors, Nick Zedd’s film trailers that have been in my closet for 4 years, and my new news show.

Insane Films Video Journal for 06.21.01 Part 1

I shot this just less then 3 months before 9/11 in New York city. You can see where some of my lesbian material came from in this video journal and others from this series. Let me know if you want to see more of them.

Insane Films: Other Peoples’ Mirrors Part 2, Eat Out and Gang Bang

VERY EXPLICIT! This is an art film not porn. This is the scene with the gang bang itself. You my have seen the auditions, but until now the gang bang scene itself has never been posted on line anywhere

Insane Films: Election Fraud Investigated.

This is an excellent documentry explaining why the electronic voiting machines are so dangerous to our democracy.

Eclectic News Brief #4: Bush Licensed to Kill, Condee’s Stairmaster, and Neocons Part2

topics include the so called anti-terror bill, condolezza’s warning before 911 and part 2 on neoconservatism.