Insane Films: Max Keiser of Karmabanque and Al Jazeera

Max creates and stars in tv programs for Al Jazeera’s new English TV channel. He is one of the few videobloggers to crossover to broadcast TV.


ENB #12: Toxic iSights, Cancer Pans, and Iran’s Election

Topics today:

1. Apple’s iSight Camera banned in Europe because it contains lead.
2. Non stick coatings for pans are toxic to humans.
3. The election in Iran and related protests and reaction from Iran’s President.

Insane Films- Bellagio Part Three- Two Italian Boys and Madge’s Vagina

Insane Films: Bloating in Bellagio Part 2 – Schlomo and RichardShow

Madge Weinstein interviews the Bea Arthur of podcasting, Schlomo Rabinowitz and Richard of

ENB #11 Boiled House Pets, Govt. Propaganda on CNN,NBC,etc, Ed Bradley’s

Stories Include:
1) China pushing boiled kitty cat and dog fur to the U.S.
2) Video News Releases – government propaganda slipping through to main networks unnoticed.
3) Ed Bradley’s controversial yet stifled expose on president bush omitted from his obit.

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