Insane Films: Lesbian/24 Pubic Access- Sex for the Virgin Gay

Madge Weinstein gives sex advice for the gays because she is selfless, and chooses to share her vast weatllth of anthropoplopogical knowledge with them gays.

dr lesbian

direct link to large ipod/iphone version

13 thoughts on “Insane Films: Lesbian/24 Pubic Access- Sex for the Virgin Gay”

  1. hey you do lots of talking about how ugly cheryl is, but you aint all dat neither. Your tits (or should I say tit), look like one big cardboard box. what you hidin in there, womyn? by the way, the windows version (the only one I can watch at work) of your last ENB is fucked… it be all scrambled like brian boothby’s brains.

  2. How dare you make fun of a mastecturdme survivor such as myself? Was it just the most recent one that was fucked or all the windows versions? I noticed it was fucked at one of the cybercafes I watched it out in barcelona. were you using a very old version of media player?

  3. Oh wow. I haven’t laughed so hard in a very very long time. Seeing as how you don’t have an email/contact info listed here, would you be interested in being sponsored for a webshow? Let me know! you have my email 🙂

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