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Insane Films: Green Light of Prolapse

A special Insane Films commission by the enigmatic Jean LaQueefer featuring Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufrense, and of course, Cheryl Prolapse.

Green Light of the Prolapse from Madge Weinstein on Vimeo.

Insane Films: Rachel and Ragan’s Fight on Big Brother 12 BB12

Ragan Fox (former ETHS co-host) and Rachel have it out for the first time on Big Brother Season 12. She’s such a bitch.

Insane Films: There Must be a Psychic Angel

A Sliva Browne/Annie Lennox mashup about ANGELS.
brought turd you by Cheryl Merkowski of and Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio.

Insane Films: Sylvia Brown Angels Remix

Let’s talk about Angels… SyLv1A!!!!

Insane Films: Did You LIke His Music

A scene from Handbag Productions‘ hit musical, Poseidon: An Upsidedown Musical. The haberdasher tries to explain to Nonnie that her brother Ted is dead. When she finally realizes her brother is dead, she asks the haberdasher, “Did you like his music?” That is the line that was fetishised into a song.

Book & Lyrics by David Cerda (w/Cheryl Snodgrass)

Music by David Cerda & Scott Lamberty

Directed by Matthew Gunnels
Nonnie: Ed Jones
James Martin: Dan Hicky