Insane Films: The Arts of Life

A documentary short about the Arts of Life collective in Chicago where developmentally disabled adults get paid to produce art. These are people who previously were ignored or marginalized in traditional programs for disabled people. Visit “Established in 2000, the Arts of Life is an artistic community that provides adults with developmental disabilities an environment to experience personal growth.”

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Insane Films: Urgent Message from Madge Weinstein (vlomo08 post 3)

I’m serious. Please watch this right away!

Insane Films: Untitled Show Number Three

Topics today include:
Chicago Artists Month
Genarts Fashion Show
Andrea Kelly
Something good about the bailout.
Israelis for Obama
Cold Stone Bigotry
Catherine Opie
Lee Godie
Art and Politics
Young, Hirschhorn, Jacir, Rovner, Spero, Golub and Holzer

Insane Films: Lesbian Neti Pot Sacred Nose Cleansing Goddess Ritual with Madge Weinstein

The Lesbian Weinstein with Grizelda on the phone practices one of the most sacred of the goddess rituals: The Neti Nose Cleaning.THanks to for finding the goddess mucus music. The song is Pond by Michael Brook

Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #2- sex for the larger gay

Can the larger gay have anal pleasure?

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An important message.
Background footage was shot by bicyclemark at The Supper Club in Amsterdam

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ENB #38 Why We’re Stuck with Blackwater & Bush Blames Democrats for His S-Chip Veto

united vloggers
the spy who billed me
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mia enb millitary bush blah blah blah s-chip

transcript follows below