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Walls Fall Out by Cheryl Merkowski and Gladys Freak

It’s a long story. 

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Insane Films: Green Light of Prolapse

A special Insane Films commission by the enigmatic Jean LaQueefer featuring Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufrense, and of course, Cheryl Prolapse.

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Women at Large Don’t be Fat Remix

You can be large and be physically fat!

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Insane Films EXCLUSIVE: America’s Next Top Fatty

World premiere of what’s sure to be Tyra’s next TV sensation: America’s Next Top Fatty. The name says it all!

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Insane Films: Untitled Show Number Three

Topics today include:
Chicago Artists Month
Genarts Fashion Show
Andrea Kelly
Something good about the bailout.
Israelis for Obama
Cold Stone Bigotry
Catherine Opie
Lee Godie
Art and Politics
Young, Hirschhorn, Jacir, Rovner, Spero, Golub and Holzer

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Insane Films: Madge Weinstein’s 2008 Election Plea

Madge emphatically endorses Obama and commands her audience to do the same.

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Lesbian Sex Tips #11: How to Have Sex with a Washing Machine

A gentle woman asks Madge how to get off on a washing machine. Madge reply with an instructional video.

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Insane Films: True Love with Ethel Merman in Ten Minutes

“Madge and Merman”
from Handbag Productions‘ Fa La La This!
December 2002, The Theater Building Chicago


Insane FIlms: Sing-a-Long with Madge and Cheryl: If You’re Happy and You Know it!


Cheryl Merkowski has just cuntpleted her first break-out hit children’s album. She premiered the first hit single on my pogrum, yeast radio on Friday so I made this here music video about it.
direct link to large ipod/iphone version media

Cheryl can be found at
Madge is

Madge Weinstein Poetry Videos

Insane Films: No More Flan for Fatty

Madge performs a Roger Smalls poem for The Slam Idol Podcast


Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Live in Chicago


Watch Amy Goodman,
producer and anchor of one of the few sources of real news, Democracy NOW!. Please watch this. Amy speaks the truth in a calm way that nobody else can. No words for me to describe it. I recorded this live last on 7/23/05 with Andymatic.

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Eavesdrop on a conversation between Madge and Fausto.

visit for Madge’s podcast

To be Moved Videos


insanehd.jpgWatch the exclusive mutual interview between Madge of insane films and Chris of Human Dog. Technically, it was difficult, but hopefully you can hear what we’re saying. At least now we know how to record an ichat session properly.