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Insane Films: Green Light of Prolapse

A special Insane Films commission by the enigmatic Jean LaQueefer featuring Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufrense, and of course, Cheryl Prolapse.

Green Light of the Prolapse from Madge Weinstein on Vimeo.

The Very Not Work Safe Raver Diapee Fatty

Horrible mess. See to believe.

insane Films: Dame Dooty Stench Performs Una Voce Poco Fa

Dame Dooty performs and Aria from The Barber of Seville while playing with her clitoris. The recording of this performance was ruined by an overzealous spotlight operator on roller skates. That’s why Dame Dooty is yellow and even uglier than in real life.

ugly woman dame dooty stench miss serenity 2008

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Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #12 Scat Cleaning and Ass Loosening

Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #12 Scat Cleaning and Ass Loosening

ass loosening sex timps

CLICK HERE for direct download of std. ipod/iphone media

Insane Films: True Confessions at Halstead Market Days Chicago

David Durall and I went out and played a game with the attendees of Halstead Street Market Days- the gayest street festival in the midwest.

old man

Direct Download of Std. iPod File HERE

Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #9: Taterbugs, Getting Eaten Out, and Glory Holes with Hagatha and Madge

Hagatha learns us about glory holes and taterbugs. Madge helps a young lady get her pussy ate.

taterbugs hagatha madge weinstein lyps

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Insane Films: Mommy Kills Best RemasTURD

The most disgusting movie I have ever made.
CAUTION: May make you vomit… Seriously.
under NO circumstances are children to watch this.

Mommy Kills Best

CLICK HERE to download large ipod/iphone version media

UPDATE: 01/29/07 I posted a remasTURD version of the same filme with several higher resolutions to choose from.

Insane Films: Robert Scoble Reports Live from Davos Switzerland for Yeast

Visionary Robert Scoble reports LIVE to Madge Weinstein on Yeast Radio about the Social Media Paradigm Shift and scalability with LYPS.scoble davos madge weinstein yeast radio

direct link to std ipod media HERE

Insane Films: Bill Moyers’ The Secret Government Part 1 of 2

This documentary is from 1987. Everything we’re trying to find out about our government today, was already known then, but has been buried since.
direct link to video download

Insane Films: Behind the Lyps with Dutch TV Part 2 – Don’t slice ’em off!

with a new sponsor- introduced by Cheryl Merkowski in a RARE VIDEO APPEARANCE HOANEY!, since I don’t drink and I want truth in advertizings 🙂

direct link to standard version

Insane Films: Boo Bays

this is real good

Insane Films: Behind the Scenes at TiKL

Listen for the soft peeps of Cheryl in the

Insane Films: Shishaldin, Cheryl, Lyps, and Dicks

Come with us to NYC where we visit LYPS and Shishaldin‘s penis collection. Cheryl is very ugly in this.
Brad helped too.

Insane Films: Cuntcession Speech; The Video that Started the Podcast

By popular demand. Thanks to Cheryl for keeping it on files.