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Insane Films: Mommy Kills Best RemasTURD


The most disgusting movie I have ever made.
CAUTION: May make you vomit… Seriously.
under NO circumstances are children to watch this.

22 replies on “Insane Films: Mommy Kills Best RemasTURD”

How on earth did you agree to getting under a glass coffee table!?

The next time Steve Jobs says “we’re really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with these new products”, I hope they’ll put the opening scenes of Mommy Kills Best up on the conference screen.

This was honestly the most disturbing video I’ve ever seen, but I loved it! Nice to see Shishaldin in action and close up for the first time.

Yes. Yes, it was disturbing. Yes, it–was. Quite. πŸ™‚

Great video quality, though. Digital video? Much better than tape. Video doesn’t have to look like soap operas anymore!

LOVE that rooftop garden, by the way…

“If someone vomits watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation.” — John Waters

Sometimes people say things like “your sick” or “there is something wrong with you.”

After watching this film those statement have lost their meaning in any other context than when speaking of the makers of this film.

In a word shit.

I’m not really qualified to comment on more than 2 minutes of this film as I switched it off and deleted it.

Shit I believe in this context is an irregular verb of which the past participle is β€œshat???.
Comparing this work to that of John Waters would be unfair to John.
I think it could be more favourably compared to “spokes” or the “pet shop boys” as it only appeals to prurient interest.

I laughed, I almost puked, but mostly I laughed. I love the way it went from this horrible abortion/murder to a Benny Hill type of chase around the roof within seconds.

And Richard — how the hell do you get that to stay under Madge’s dress? For Christ’s sake, if you rubbed that another minute you’d need another sneaker.

How come there’s nothing on google about that beaming lustrous star, Dave Durall? Tell us about him Richard. I LOVE THE FILM. MSTL.

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