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Insane Films: Tammy Faye Bakker Seance

A group of weirdos decided to bring back Tammy Faye from the dead so she could confront her nemesis, Jan Crouch.


Insane Films: The Lost Member of the Von Trapp Family

Enjoy this rare guest performance by Taffeta Von Trapp, the lost member of the Von Trapp family singers. Taffeta had been the lead singer of “Taffy and the Trappettes” until that bitch Julie Andrews came along and changed the family to ensemble performers.

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Insane Films: God’s Next Army

American fundamentalists are starting their own version of The Ivy League; The Moron League.

gods next army

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Insane Films: Religion: Root of All Evil? (part 2 of 2)

The God Delusion
with richard dawkins


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Insane Films: Thus Spake Grizelda #1

We made this in 2001. There are several films in the Thus Spake Grizlda series. This is the first one.

Thus Spake Grizelda #1

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Insane Films: True Confessions at Halstead Market Days Chicago

David Durall and I went out and played a game with the attendees of Halstead Street Market Days- the gayest street festival in the midwest.

old man

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Insane Films: Geornies with George (part 2 of 2)

and part 2:

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Yeast Video: Madge Behind the Scenes of Dutch TV (sort of)

Madge tries to get licked by a Dutch Woman

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camera by

Insane Films: Dooty Journal 05.17.07

I know what I’m doing.

Insane FIlms: Helena and Jayzus

Sexy drag diva Helena Handbasket sings of her Lord while she fixes her hair.