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Insane Films: God’s Next Army


American fundamentalists are starting their own version of The Ivy League; The Moron League.

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i hope everyone realizes that the girls and boys seen in this movie are all virgins. especially the biology teacher. that is kind of exciting, actually.

This movie is disgusting. That building is a serpent’s nest lying just one hour next to our NATION’S Capitol. This is horrible. That building needs to be vacated and bombed. This is horrible. My future is screwed. Wish me an enormous amount of luck because the future of our youth is in enormous danger.
Richard, thank you for posting this and giving me a chance to see what I’m in for.

oh god, this is so creepy. I got the heeby jeebies. Really opens the eyes. Was Prof. Stacey AuntieVera? That guy is a complete bear.

@fleshmeatdoll Some were very cute, and then they spoke. They’d do the unspeakable to us gays, and not the good unspeakables.

This is truly scary (worse than anything that would come out of Madge’s yeasty snatch).

Seriously though, a couple of things stand out:

1. This shows what kind of brain washing lobbyists have done to them.
2. Gives anyone who believes in god or a religion a really bad name (yes, there are some god fearing or believing people who are not assholes and actually do good work).
3. The fact they built this school without debt, shows that there are powerful people behind this brainwashing. That was probably the most shocking part of all.

I defy any of those zombie idiots to actually explain to us what they REALLY mean when they gratuitously sprinkle their speeches and prayers with all of that “in his name we pray” or “give up my desires”, etc. I actually felt bad for some of the kids in this film because it seemed as if they had been completely programmed by something unnatural.

Thanx for putting this up Richard. You sure know how to pick ’em, man.

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