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Insane Films; The AIDS Farm with Madge’s Sister Coñita in Spain

Madge and her sister Coñita visit a gay cruise park in Siches, Spain.

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Insane Films: The Lost Member of the Von Trapp Family

Enjoy this rare guest performance by Taffeta Von Trapp, the lost member of the Von Trapp family singers. Taffeta had been the lead singer of “Taffy and the Trappettes” until that bitch Julie Andrews came along and changed the family to ensemble performers.

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Insane Films: Dotty Gets Spanked

One of the best short films I’ve ever seen, this is the story of an effeminate boy and his introduction to some of the nastier aspects of life

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Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #5 – Milk Carton Fetish


with Special Guest Whore Cheryl Merkowski!

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Insane Films: Retro Video Journal NYC 06.24.01

UPDATE: Melton was right. I already posted this in September, 2005. Sorry about that. I don’t like to post repeats. I’ll post another retro journal that I don’t think i’ve posted bfore.

Including the NYC gay parade 2001 in New York.

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Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for the Gays #4 – How to stop being a homosexual.


Wiley axs Madge how he can stop being a homosexual. Madge, of course, has the answer.

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Insane Films: Bitches and 2001

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Insane Films: Other People’s Mirrors Part 6

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Insane Films: Clowngina and Pals (Video Journal from 06.21.01 part 2)


More retro shit. Clowngina and lesbian rabbit teach us about lesbians with food allergies and borderline personality disorder. Also: bitchy gay guys.