13 thoughts on “Insane Films; The AIDS Farm with Madge’s Sister Coñita in Spain”

  1. This was hilarious in every respect — Coita, the editing, the soundtrack, your off-camera commentary … everything.

  2. Coita seems more outgoing to Madge and has hips (hyps?).

    Amazing where Madge’s ongoing anthropology studies take her (and the places where she is taken, if you know what I mean).

  3. Great movie! Love the editing and Coita is a star! Great personality… too bad she dies in the end! Will she come back?

    This is movie quality! Please make Madge Weinstein the movie and have her sister play in it as well!

    Great work & looks professional!

    Movie critic

  4. Your sister on the train tracks really scared me. Especially when the train went by. I thought she went then! This was wonderfully fabulous. Keep producing wonderful content!

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