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Insane Films: Untitled Show #6

Topics today include:
Boil on Ass
Bombing Syria
Troy Davis Death Row
Jerry Lewis Homophobia
Even Alaska Hates Palin
UN Calls American Cities Africa
Bienal De Sao Paulo
South American/Latin American Art
The Void
Olga Viso’s Important Artists
Cildo Meireles
Ana Mendita
Jesus Rafeal Soto
Guillermo Kuitca
The Whitney
Unseen Mendieta
Graciela Iturbide
Hasselblad Award
Miami Art Museum
Beatriz Milhazes
Vote Obama!


Insane Films: Machu Pichu #1 (LYPS)

From my visit to Machu Pichu in May. I’m looking to remix this to pod-safer music so please email suggestions to [email protected]

Also, please look for the LYPS easter egg. 

CLICK HERE to Download Standard iPod Media of this Movie

Insane Films: Divine Sings Native Love in 1983 in Machester

More Divine

divine sings native love 1983 manchester hacienda

CLICK HERE for Direct Download of iPod/iPhone Movie

Insane Films: Geornies with George (part 2 of 2)

and part 2:

direct link to ipod version

Insane Films: Water II (last night in Barcelona)

at Plaza Catalunya

direct link to big ipod version

soundtrack by Rachel’s Band via Mikeypod

Insane Films: Behind the Lyps with Dutch TV Part 2 – Don’t slice ’em off!

with a new sponsor- introduced by Cheryl Merkowski in a RARE VIDEO APPEARANCE HOANEY!, since I don’t drink and I want truth in advertizings 🙂

direct link to standard version

Video Journal from Barcelona 10-23-07

direct link to video

Yeast Video: Madge Behind the Scenes of Dutch TV (sort of)

Madge tries to get licked by a Dutch Woman

direct lynk to big ipod/iphone version

camera by

Insane Films: Ducks, Mostly, in Amsterdam

ducks, mostly

Direct Link to Large iPod/iPhone Version

Insane Films: Lesbian in Ljubljana Climbing and Climbing to the Castle

+ bicyclemark

Insane Films: Ljubiana Lesbine

Madge with BicycleMark in Slovenia last December.

Insane Films: Cleveland Vlog 05.25.07

Video Blog on the way to Ithaca.

Insane Films: Shishaldin, Cheryl, Lyps, and Dicks

Come with us to NYC where we visit LYPS and Shishaldin‘s penis collection. Cheryl is very ugly in this.
Brad helped too.