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Insane Films: Finding Grandma’s Ghost


Insane Films: Coney Island or Can I see your penis?

Insane Films: Psychotic 9/11 Premonitions from Washington Square (video journal for 06.18.2001 Part 1)

Weird. He listens to the echo. I get eaten out.

Insane Films: Clowngina and Pals (Video Journal from 06.21.01 part 2)

More retro shit. Clowngina and lesbian rabbit teach us about lesbians with food allergies and borderline personality disorder. Also: bitchy gay guys.

Insane Films Video Journal for 06.21.01 Part 1

I shot this just less then 3 months before 9/11 in New York city. You can see where some of my lesbian material came from in this video journal and others from this series. Let me know if you want to see more of them.