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Insane Films: Machu Pichu #1 (LYPS)

From my visit to Machu Pichu in May. I’m looking to remix this to pod-safer music so please email suggestions to [email protected].

Also, please look for the LYPS easter egg. 


Insane Films: The Marquis de Fetus

Heather Marie Vernon performs a piece about something at JFab’s screening party some time ago. Heather, you’ll recall, was the fetus in “Lesbians on Acid, AKA Les Beans”

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Insane Films: Clowngina and Pals (Video Journal from 06.21.01 part 2)


More retro shit. Clowngina and lesbian rabbit teach us about lesbians with food allergies and borderline personality disorder. Also: bitchy gay guys.