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Insane Films: Machu Pichu #1 (LYPS)


From my visit to Machu Pichu in May. I’m looking to remix this to pod-safer music so please email suggestions to [email protected].

Also, please look for the LYPS easter egg. 

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

7 replies on “Insane Films: Machu Pichu #1 (LYPS)”

Beautiful footage, Madge!!! My footage (which I still need to edit) is not nearly so serene. In fact, its spastic, which is one of the reasons I havent finished the edit yet.

And Aguas Calientes was one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been in. Other than the touristy restaurant barkers, I can retire there.

Yes BEAUTIFUL, no wonder you schlepped your fat ass all the way up there. I would too. My favorite parts were the wide vista shots and the sun glare with I guess you waving but the auto focus gave me a seizure.

One of the best things that has every happened was Richard Bluestein obtained a HiDef camera and was sent out of the country. Every time you travel and take pictures/movies I enjoy the results.

BTW: I am not saying I don’t like your being in the country. Your being in the country is perfectly fine with me.

I was fortunate to spend 2 yrs. in Cuzco in the Peace Corps in the 60s. I rode ON TOP of the bus going up all those switchbacks from the valley to the ruins. Then you could camp IN the ruins. I had diarhea in the middle of the night and had to shit out in the pouring rain. Hiking to the top of the mountain is amazing!

Very moving, wonderful background music.

Did anyone else notice Jebus waving amongst the clouds? This may be considered CUNTroversial but I feel this is a miracle, I will tell Pope Eggs Benedict of this and insist that Madge Weinstein be canonised on your behalf as the worlds first Pod-saint. BlezzYOU Child!

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