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Insane Films Video Journal for 06.21.01 Part 1


I shot this just less then 3 months before 9/11 in New York city. You can see where some of my lesbian material came from in this video journal and others from this series. Let me know if you want to see more of them.

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5 replies on “Insane Films Video Journal for 06.21.01 Part 1”

That was great. Nothing better than a bit of racial paranoia and lesbians with food allergies. Lola’s after-rant was excellent and I really laughed when she told that guy his girlfriend wasn’t working that night and what she thought.

The rabbit is spooky (no racial pun intended) but I have an oversion to Easter grass (that plastic stuff that kids and crafts people love that gets all over the house and never goes away). An oversion doesn’t count as a food alergy — does it? I just don’t know when I’d have time to be a lesbian.

I really enjoyed this, Richard! Very funny to see where you got the “lesbines have food allergies” thing. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more!

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