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Insane Films: Cleveland Vlog 05.25.07


Video Blog on the way to Ithaca.

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8 replies on “Insane Films: Cleveland Vlog 05.25.07”

This was a fun road trip video. I really enjoyed it. Made me smile. In a pissy mood. But not no more. Trotsky is really cute, as usual. Must have been cold in that room.

Trotsky is such a beautiful dog, and it’s obvious that he loves you. He looks so happy just sitting there on the bed with you. (What kind of dog is he?) I thought the different things he did with his ears (depending on what you were doing) were really cute! And, yeah, I was listening to you.

At the risk of repeating myself (I wrote this once but it doesn’t appear to have taken), I wanted to say that Trotsky is a beautiful dog (what kind is he?) and it’s obvious he really loves you. He looks so content sitting on the bed with you. I particularly like the different things he does with his ears as he reacts to what you’re doing.

And, yes, I was listening to you!

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