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Insane Films: Green Light of Prolapse

A special Insane Films commission by the enigmatic Jean LaQueefer featuring Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufrense, and of course, Cheryl Prolapse.

Green Light of the Prolapse from Madge Weinstein on Vimeo.

Insane Films: Untitled Show 2

Topics Include:
Rashid Johnson’s johnson.
Van Gogh at night.
Predictions for Palin
Chicago Pollution
Refuge Exhibition in Chicago
Francis Alys
China Poisonings
The End of the World
Visit Justin’s blog and Madge’s podcast.

Nex in Line, Please!

The famous lady at the Corner Bakery at Jacksons and Washington in in line please corner bakery

direct download link to media file thing

Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #5 – Milk Carton Fetish

with Special Guest Whore Cheryl Merkowski!

direct link to large ipod/iphone media foil

Insane Films: Behind the Lyps with Dutch TV Part 2 – Don’t slice ’em off!

with a new sponsor- introduced by Cheryl Merkowski in a RARE VIDEO APPEARANCE HOANEY!, since I don’t drink and I want truth in advertizings 🙂

direct link to standard version

Insane Films: Overexposed Big Old Titties

Oy vey. THis be real gross.

Insane Films: Behind the Scenes at TiKL

Listen for the soft peeps of Cheryl in the

Insane Films: Shishaldin, Cheryl, Lyps, and Dicks

Come with us to NYC where we visit LYPS and Shishaldin‘s penis collection. Cheryl is very ugly in this.
Brad helped too.