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Insane Films: Untitled Show #6


Topics today include:
Boil on Ass
Bombing Syria
Troy Davis Death Row
Jerry Lewis Homophobia
Even Alaska Hates Palin
UN Calls American Cities Africa
Bienal De Sao Paulo
South American/Latin American Art
The Void
Olga Viso’s Important Artists
Cildo Meireles
Ana Mendita
Jesus Rafeal Soto
Guillermo Kuitca
The Whitney
Unseen Mendieta
Graciela Iturbide
Hasselblad Award
Miami Art Museum
Beatriz Milhazes
Vote Obama!


2 replies on “Insane Films: Untitled Show #6”

The show is really coming into it’s own and enjoy it immensely . Keep them coming!
Justine Honey, it was a little odd watching you stroke your hands during your segment. Perhaps you can find find something to keep them busy or stroke something else for us next time 😉

I agree Princess. I means, I know how it is Justins, I often stroke my lapse when I am recording… but that is under teh table… and I be doing audio ‘grums. So, I suggest that you either stroke your ‘roids, anal lyups, or male-fred-gina…. under teh table. It will help you feel more secure and it is perfectly normal. I am sure that Madge is doing teh same thing. Best wishes ‘nAIDS!

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