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Insane Films: Video Journal for 11 01 2008


Every day, for a month.

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4 replies on “Insane Films: Video Journal for 11 01 2008”

There are some amazing political pumpkin carvings around the web. Some with full facial details. Glad to hear that you’re doing both NaPodPoMo and NaVloMo. I might do both. Definitely doing NaPodPoMo, though.

There is a palpable excitement around the election from people that I have never seen engaged politically before. However, many of those are also McCain supporters, so this election should be interesting.

Also, love the new haircut.

I’m wondering whether I’ve ever actually watched or listened to Insane Films or Yeast Radio before. I feel like I must have… and yet I don’t think I have. So there you go. You promoted your show, and you got a new fan.
Love what you said, and the way that you said it.
See you tomorrow.

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