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Insane Films: Retro Video Journal NYC 06.24.01

UPDATE: Melton was right. I already posted this in September, 2005. Sorry about that. I don’t like to post repeats. I’ll post another retro journal that I don’t think i’ve posted bfore.

Including the NYC gay parade 2001 in New York.

big ipod version click here

RIP Eulabelle (VLOG)

This is in memory of ShAoLiN’s cat Eulabelle!

Shaolin was a major influence on Madge Weinstein’s accent, as you may notice in this video.

insanefilms.com Retro-Do You Know?-09.01.99

doyouknow.jpgThis is a video I made in 1999- the chicago gay pride of that year mixed with “Do you know where you’re going to.” by Richard BluesteinThis is also my first use of ourmedia.org. So far I love it.UPDATE: linking to ourmedia.org to view movies requires the staging password so I am moving it to my server. Anyone know a way around this?