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Eavesdrop on a conversation between Madge and Fausto.

visit for Madge’s podcast

insanehd.jpgWatch the exclusive mutual interview between Madge of insane films and Chris of Human Dog. Technically, it was difficult, but hopefully you can hear what we’re saying. At least now we know how to record an ichat session properly. Retro – Water -1999

CLICK HERE to watch the short I made in 1999 about water set to Philip Glass’ music from Einstein on the Beach. Eric Rice’s video post about the same subject inspired me to repost it. Retro-Do You Know?-09.01.99

doyouknow.jpgThis is a video I made in 1999- the chicago gay pride of that year mixed with “Do you know where you’re going to.” by Richard BluesteinThis is also my first use of So far I love it.UPDATE: linking to to view movies requires the staging password so I am moving it to my server. Anyone know a way around this?