Madge Weinstein Video Hate Videos

Insane Films: Video Hate Episode 1


An exploration of Instagram narcissism. It feels good.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I felt bad yesterday when one of your O.G. H8 objects killed hirself just a day after this wonderful wonderful grum! but then today I saw that it was all a big publicity hoax.
Or… is Madge… JESUS?!?
commanding dead douchebags back from the dead

The dancing reminds me of a carehome I used to work at for the mentally abled.. if you know what I mean. These adults have been completely affected by an online childhood, gym addiction and lockdown hysteria though I blame ticktock in the main. And whats with people buying “rats on a stick” .. cant people buy reap dogs that need walking anymore? Its like some sort of attention seeking gerbil mascot.. like those women who buy pet rabbits to make up for the fact they chose a career over a child. Makes me wanna go pull legs of spiders.

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