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Fat Roll in Miami

Fat roll
The apple ibook g4 800 i used to make this video today is two years old. I bought it the week after it was introduced. As you can see however, from this video, it is already outdated by Apple’s latest OS and software.
It sucks.

There is plenty of HD space and it is maxed out with RAM. I’m using the mpeg4 compression and NOT h.264 to minimize CPU usage.

Apple has little concern about making it’s customers’ investment last more than one year or so.

Plus, they have banned this videoblog from the iTunes music store with no explanation.

Video Podcast Reflections on the Video iPod

I bitch.

Quicktime 7 Required and iTunes 6.0 preferred.

Weagel and Bluestein on Videoblogging and More

Bluestein and Weagel Discuss the Rosey Future (2005)
Chris Weagel of
Human Dog Productions and Richard Bluestein of insanefilms.com and yeastradio.com discuss videoblogging and a bunch of other crap.

NOTE: A smaller and a larger file are available here.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Live in Chicago

Watch Amy Goodman,
producer and anchor of one of the few sources of real news, Democracy NOW!. Please watch this. Amy speaks the truth in a calm way that nobody else can. No words for me to describe it. I recorded this live last on 7/23/05 with Andymatic.