The Power of Nightmares, Part 2

The Power of Nightmares, Part Two

Part Two of Three

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Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve heard about this film from a lot of people since it aired on BBC, I was worried it would be completely blacked out in the US.

One thing that struck me as I was watching it was the propensity of both sides to believe their own bullshit. You know what I mean? They put all these lies out there and they eventually get fucked because they start to believe the lie themselves.

Welll done the BBC for which I pay my licence fee,
While Dutch and Yanks can watch for free,

It reminded me of Hitler in 1933,
Burning books and making lies into History,

You can download these programmes and more on DTV

Thanks for posting this.
It’s informative but reeks of propaganda, not to say that it’s not based on fact, but the perspectives are overtly biased.

I want to know why Rumsfeld and Cheney’s history with Nixon and the cold war weren’t made HUGE elements during the 2004 election….liberal media my ass…

Richard, I’d like to know your views on Israel. Is Madge a Zionist? I’d love to hear her talk about it sometime on the show, it’s very relevant when discussing bush’s fuckups in the mideast, and here for that matter.

“Is Madge a Zionist” I would have thaught not. Zionism is based on myth.
1. You’ve got to belive in God;
2. That a lot Palestinians are not the decendants of Jews converted to Islam;
3. Hezekiah was not a liar.

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