Weagel and Bluestein on Videoblogging and More

Bluestein and Weagel Discuss the Rosey Future (2005)
Chris Weagel of
Human Dog Productions and Richard Bluestein of and discuss videoblogging and a bunch of other crap.

NOTE: A smaller and a larger file are available here.

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My god! Chris is EXTREMELY fuckable. I’m suprised you managed to get through the interview without drowning in your own saliva.

There seems to be an iMovie plugin for videoblogging: on the way.

Also Adrian Miles has been making “rhizome movie” templates that allow for multiple asynchronous and somewhat interactive Quicktimes to play within a single window, sourcing the moving images from distinct servers:

Andreas has a tool that works to generate XML for these Quicktimes:

All good examples of this sort of videblogging going beyond “look at me” just because.

Yeah, videoblogs could be much more than they are. But I’m pretty happy with the stuff I watch on a regular basis. Chris for example, and many more. I’ll start watching you now.
Also, the 18 U.S.C. 2257 (porn law) stuff definitely does suck. I’m not sure if comparing it to the podcast “audience of 10” is accurate though, because many of those podcasters are not doing that as their livelihood. The “mom and pop” porn sites sometimes constitute that individual’s entire income, which makes it almost necessary to comply with the new 2257 laws. And they are truly brutal.
This was a good conversation. Informative and entertiaining. And Weagel is a sexy little bitch.

I like the Idea of pundits such as yourselves, however it was just more of the same blah blah blah… I attended 2 videoconferances and found them quite entertaining for what they were. Blah Blah Blah… Lets shoot some Video!

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