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Eclectic News Brief #19 Doctors, Big Brother, the KKK, Highways and Camel Toe

Special Ed.

Insane Films: Lecconda

inspired by vlog europe 2006 and some other things.

ENB #12: Toxic iSights, Cancer Pans, and Iran’s Election

Topics today:

1. Apple’s iSight Camera banned in Europe because it contains lead.
2. Non stick coatings for pans are toxic to humans.
3. The election in Iran and related protests and reaction from Iran’s President.

Weagel and Bluestein on Videoblogging and More

Bluestein and Weagel Discuss the Rosey Future (2005)
Chris Weagel of
Human Dog Productions and Richard Bluestein of insanefilms.com and yeastradio.com discuss videoblogging and a bunch of other crap.

NOTE: A smaller and a larger file are available here.