Insane Films: Untitled Show Number Five

Topics today include:
New Solar Material
Palin Hates Gays (Newsflash!)
Neocon Shill Judy Miller Gets New Gig Prior to Eternal Damnation in Hell
Karl Marx vs. Ayn Rand
Dems Don’t be Cocky!
The Refuge Show at NortHstar
Tiny Art
What Does Art Want?

News Shake #6 Portia von Glumbt


NewsShake #5 Betina Thumbkin-Haus

Lovely Betina delivers the news of the world today!

Insane Films: Bloating in Bellagio Part 2 – Schlomo and RichardShow

Madge Weinstein interviews the Bea Arthur of podcasting, Schlomo Rabinowitz and Richard of

Fat Roll in Miami

Fat roll
The apple ibook g4 800 i used to make this video today is two years old. I bought it the week after it was introduced. As you can see however, from this video, it is already outdated by Apple’s latest OS and software.
It sucks.

There is plenty of HD space and it is maxed out with RAM. I’m using the mpeg4 compression and NOT h.264 to minimize CPU usage.

Apple has little concern about making it’s customers’ investment last more than one year or so.

Plus, they have banned this videoblog from the iTunes music store with no explanation.