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Eclectic News Brief #19 Doctors, Big Brother, the KKK, Highways and Camel Toe

Special Ed.

Insane Films: Where, Fart, Art Thou, Part 80,000,000

More of Madge & Mark in Italy as they head to Slovenia and Madge complains about everything because she is sick.

ENB #14 Somalia, Exxon, The FCC, and Extraordinary Rendition (And a Brand New HostESS!) Sizzle Sizzle


US backed forces invade Somalia,

Exxon pays off scientists to lie.

The FCC says a few companies can own all of our air.

Extraordinary Rendition case in Italy attempts to extradite CIA officials.

Insane Films: Where, Fart, Art Thou, Part 1

Madge weinstein and Bicyclemark tour Verona, Italy. (November 2006)

The Century of the Self Part 4 of 4 (Cuntclusion)

Part four of four parts