Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #8 – Size Queens vs. Chub Chasers and Maximum Enema Liquid

Hagatha explains the difference between size queens and chubby chasers.
Madge answers a question from David Cerda about Enema play.

lesbian sex advice for gays chubby chasers and enemas

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Insane Films: No More Flan for Fatty

Madge performs a Roger Smalls poem for The Slam Idol Podcast

ENB #14 Somalia, Exxon, The FCC, and Extraordinary Rendition (And a Brand New HostESS!) Sizzle Sizzle


US backed forces invade Somalia,

Exxon pays off scientists to lie.

The FCC says a few companies can own all of our air.

Extraordinary Rendition case in Italy attempts to extradite CIA officials.