One thought on “Insanefilms ENB #5: More on China’s Barbaric Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. This is cutting edge work. Thank you for showing this. I was outraged viewing it.

    And you know what the really sick thing about human right violations are? It warps the humanity of everyone living in that culture.

    Notice how those who were not shot down and killed just kept walking in a single file at the same pace? It tells me that this was not a one-time horrific event. This is daily life for them. Tragic.

    Notice the how casual the white European mountain climbers were about it? To be fair, they may have been in shock, but if they stay in that region it will become ritual for them as well. And as they climb for sport and hobby, those pilgrims were being murdered a mile away.

    And I am even more saddened to realize that if I was living in those conditions, I too would become warped — as would anyone.

    Thanks for the food for thought today Richard.

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