Insane Films: Why the Press Coverage of the Iraq War Sucks


This excellent documentary does a great job explaining just why the coverage of the Iraq War has been the worst in the age of communication- ironically enough.

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…watching documentary right now but in the mean time I love the background you did with your little insane people and their moving eyes AND, not to hit on you but you have pretty thick hair — even for a person in your later thirties (you can tell guys you want to impress that even straight guys notice your hair).

Some time I’d like to know more about how you do your green screen wo well but this little bit was interesting.

BTW the first 3 mintues of this documentary seems very interesting. Still watching…

OK — I saw the rest. This is quite interesting — particularly the issues about the vlogger. One of the things that you (either as Madge or yourself) has made me very aware of is the “thousand points of site” (take that Busch) that bloggers, vloggers and podcasters give the world. This piece underscores what you’ve been saying for quite awhile.

Thanks for posting this, I really should have seen it broadcast but don’t watch TV.

Jon Snow sums it up well: “Being here it strikes me that the most important people denied a full account of what is going on here are those from the countries engaged in the occupation in Iraq. If they had such an account, would they support what was being done in their name?”.

By the way, this video was also posted on another blog, and there it actually led to some discussion in the comments field. Some of the comments are by people who themselves are involved in the coverage of events in Baghdad – interesting to hear their points of view.

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