Vlog Europe #3


What are musings?
Are these them?

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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The toilet shelf is a poor design.
If you notice, every toilet comes with
it’s own brush, because more often than not,
you have to help push the shit down with it.

What exactly is the point of the shelf? Is it to save on water? If the Dutch really do take bigger shits like you said, wouldn’t you think they’d need a bigger hole than a smaller one? Doesn’t quite make sense.

looking at your at your shit is actually quite interesting. it tells you a lot about your health. but unfortunately the shelf is disappearing, the newer toilets don’t have them anymore.

go shelf

I was in the states last year and thought at first that the toilet I was shitting in was blocked then I realised that’s how the loos are in the US it’s brilliant plenty of water in the bowl means my ass cheeks don’t touch someone elses lunch sitting on the shelf, toilets in New Zealand and Australia unfortunately have the shelf too, my brothers would never use the toilet brush and I’d be forever scrubbbing their anus juice from the walls, I felt like Cinderella.

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