Yeast Video .. Living in LLick with Dierdre Straughan


Deirdre has a fascinating personal past and an interesting business presence. Hava a look at our conversation overlooking the view from the rear of her lovely home in Leeco, Italy.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Oh holy poop it is the Americans do not have passports crap.
We also do not get a month or more off work!
Try to have enough money to travel overseas when you get paid crap and you keep paying more and more for basic needs like medical care, gas to heat your home, and a good whore who will not kiss and tell!
We also have over two thousand miles we can go without needing a passport.
By the way I do have a passport but will not have enuf time off work till 2008…then I will be traveling to???

Did you get all of those shots from one continuous shot with your new Canon? It looked nice.

Also, nice new look but I hope the curly red hair comes back sometime. Actually, the new looks looks almost too good.

First of all, I loved this interview – entertaining and informative.

Second, with respect to Dierdre’s comment on most American’s believing that people who think differently are confused or stupid. I would disagree, only with respect to percentages. I would say about 50% of Americans, or, more specifically 51% (which I guess is most) as of the last election, believe that way. The other 49 or 49.5% absolutely do not. In my 48 years living in the US, I have never seen such a dramatic and meaningful split between those who believe in the United States as the center of the moral/cultural/political universe and those who do not. There are a lot more of those who do not agree with the christian/conservative/US centric view than it may appear to the rest of the world – unfortunately, I’m afraid, this does not get a lot of press.

However, with respect to travel and desire to go outside North American, maybe there is a larger percentage who fit in that group, and that certainly used to include me. I’m ashamed to admit it but I had little desire to really go to another continent and especially to somewhere where I didn’t speak the language. Frankly, it basically seemed frightening. However, that all changed with my Vlog Europe experience – really – honestly – I finally really got it. I now totally understand, at a level beyond the intellectual, why people would want to actively travel and experience other cultures. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I got to experience it with “friends” who I had never or rarely met in person, via video; or who shared a similar pashion, and I got to experience their European culture through/with them rather than through some tourist/planned thing. Really, honestly, it was a pretty dramatic experience in my life … no kidding.

Oh yeah, and getting to hang out with the new butch/dike Madge was totally icing on the cake.

Im English, from the UK. You dont need a month off work to see some of the world, but I also agree that I dont think you have to. If there are things in your education system, media, and culture, which creates some sort of ‘problem’ of many Americans not understanding, and perhaps fearing, other cultures, then I would hope the internet can help. Being exposed to other cultures is the important thing, travel is a great way to do it but not the only way, and video on the internet could be a reasonable alternative I would of thought.

Anyway I dont feel fit to preach to Americans what they should be doing, considering that most of Europe seemed to go through this stage of development in even harsher ways, by conquering other parts of the globe and fighting amoungst ourselves for thousands of years. If youtube & friends can achieve the same understanding without the endless bloodshed, then hoorah!

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