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Video Podcast Reflections on the Video iPod


I bitch.

Quicktime 7 Required and iTunes 6.0 preferred.

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Hey, I refuse to use h.264 for anything yet. First of all I’ve tried it on several machines and unless you have a fairly new Mac (like less than 2 years old) you can’t play them. Fuck that shit. Call me kookie but I would like for people to actually be able to see my videos. I have enough problems with windows users complaining about QT acting up on their PCs. Also the fact that it takes 4 times as long to encode the shit doesn’t help either (I’m on a fairly new G5 too).

Secunt, I’ve tried the QT7 recording and had the same problem syncing the sound. The issue seems to be recording sound thru the audio port rather than using the sound on your camera. When I use the on board sound on my camera the audio is in sync. Go figure.

Anyway, back to the h.264 specs, these are settings that I’ve heard work:
Export to mpeg-4 in quicktime
sleect h264
set res to 320×240 or lower
set bitrate to 768 or lower
click video options then untick main and tick baseline (this might be the problem you are having with the ipod–it only supports “baseline” encoding and not “main”
set audio to AAC

Also, have you tried the QT save for ipod in QT 7.1? Most people say that that works.


Hey Man,
I am taking you up on your offer to test my vlog on your pretty new iPod. So when you get a chance can you let me know. Thanks.
Hey, also I cannot get your ‘video Lix on the Bowl…” to play on Ant. It says, “Cannot play lix, unknown format m4v”

Sure no problem but what’s your blog url? For some reason this blog doesn’t pickup the user info.

Man, you said it for me. I had one video in H.264 work but none since. I saved 2 different videos and one worked and the other didn’t. It is hit-n-miss I guess. I might download Quicktime pro finally, even though I have avoided it till now.

Be Progressive! Yeah right.

Man you look so much different than I thought you did.



Yeah, I don’t have the patience for h.264..or even notice any real difference.. and I have no idea if I show up on the new ipod either. Do you mind checking my vids also? (though I just assume they aren’t going to work, anyway. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!)

hey yo! my video played a okay from here. Loved watchin’ ya bitch about the Ipod. Guess I’ll wait a bit longer to buy one… when are you gonna interview me? XO Julie Fab.

Hey, Please do me a favor… test my video in your ipod. I thought window hacks had a hard time… but I always thought QT loaded slower and I’m exclusive windows. My brother is MacHack. So, I was just about ready to convert… and now I’m about ready to fucking throw the who pile in a pile and burn it. Anyway.. my videos are window files converted to MPEG 4 and would love to see it they are coming through.. By the way every QT I watch seems that there are some sort of audio miss alighnment? Whats up with Apple you guys are suppose to be the best at this shit? I’d send the fucking product back to Steve Unemployment (Jobs)…and tell him to stick his proprietary crap back up is ass… Believe me our prick Billy Ahole (Gates) is hiding because of his shit.. but check out thanx in advance… I understand you frustration a kick a 20 mpg Chevy or Ford the next time you see one too.. They’ve had 20 fucking years to develop a 95 mpg vehicle. Did you know that the model A got better gas milage?

I tried the last video that showed up on itunes feed, and it does play on the ipod. However it is widescreen and the ipod seems a bit dumb in this regard, if they dont switch the widescreen option on in the ipod video settings, your video gets severely cropped.

As for you audio alignment issues, that may be a problem with quicktime and your soundcard, or with the videos youve happened to watch. There should not be a problem with this stuff really, Ive never come across it on mac or pc quicktime, unless the original video is out of sync in the first place.

Anyway h264 and mpeg4 are not proprietary, we can be thankful that Apple allows .mp4 (.m4v) files and didnt just go for .mov-only ipod support which would have been a proprietary and annoying choice.

At this moment in time creating and viewing .mp4’s and h264’s on a PC may be a bewildering or annoying experience, but this will quickly change. You will not have to rely on using Apple software to make ipod videos. Thre are already several other ways to do it on both PC and Mac, and within the next month or so we will be bombarded with a vast array of different software options for both encoding and watching h264 on PC and Mac.

Hi Richard,

Don here from ScreenCastsOnline. Thanks for the mention by the way!

I went to the trouble of re-encoding all my shows to the published spec of the video iPod on the day of it’s release. Of course, I couldn’t test it but I uploaded all the files, set up a secondary feed, yada, yada….

Then when the first viewer tested a show it didn’t work on the video iPod. As I still haven’t got one to test one I had no option but to re-encode (again) using the preset in QT7 pro “Movie to iPod”. These seem to work fine but theres no control on the encoding process.

My desktop version (960 x 600) is in h.264 at 10fps at this is fine for screencasts and usually comes in at about 40MB for a 20 minute show – Cool!

The ipod version at 320 x 240 is only 2 or 3MB smaller! I need to get an iPod to play 🙂

Don’t know why you’re getting audio sync problems in QT – I’ve got a similar setup to you (only 2.3GHz) and it seems pretty rock solid.


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