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Insane Films: The Arts of Life

A documentary short about the Arts of Life collective in Chicago where developmentally disabled adults get paid to produce art. These are people who previously were ignored or marginalized in traditional programs for disabled people. Visit “Established in 2000, the Arts of Life is an artistic community that provides adults with developmental disabilities an environment to experience personal growth.”

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ENB #25 Iran, Blair, Bush, I.P., cloning, google censorship, snow melting, no pay for troops, still more fatties, more.


Implicit Authorization for War

Bush admits he ruined Blair.

More I.P. Nazis

Dr. Moreau is alive and well and living in England

Murdoch trying to buy Dow Jones

Google does evil.

Lots of snow melting in Antartica

Collapse and fragmentation of Iraq

Bush says troops are paid enough

Diabetes costs to soar
Chromium in drinking water causes a little cancer.

Virtual people leave more carbon than real ones.

Spread of privatization questioned finally.


Problems Downloading?

I have made a temporary mirror for people having problems downloading yeastradio, yeast2 and insanefilms shows.
Thanks for bearing with me on this. It’s just growing pains and will be resolved soon.

The mirror:


Watch QT7 Movies on a PC!

You can download this software to watch the QT7 movies on the Windows platform even without Quicktime 7! Thanks, Dutchguy for the link!


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