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An important message.
Background footage was shot by bicyclemark at The Supper Club in Amsterdam

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Bush is at 24% approval and the Republican party is hated. I hope this makes some assholes lose seats, and also that it is quickly reversed.

I don’t want to defend the entire Democratic Party because there are a lot of corrupt, corporate assholes in it – they won’t even start impeachment hearings and look at what they’re doing with the FISA bill – but what more are they supposed to do with S-CHIP? Bush vetoed the bill and none of the Republicans switched their votes to override him. I don’t see why we should lay the blame for this on Pelosi or the Democratic Party, as imperfect and disappointing as they have been. If anything the vote shows how fucked Bush and the Republicans remain, how much power they still have, and how they want to transform this country into what it was before the 1930s.

I read an interesting article on this and was wondering what you would think:

I like “post-birth abortionists.”

Right on Richard! The totally fake divide between right and left, red state and blue state is so absurd that I really can’t believe so many presumably educated self described ‘left wing’ blogosphere can really see any substantial difference between Hillary or George? Bush completely duped so called Christian fundamentalists by merely using key catch words in the same exact way the DNC targets the blogosphere with catch words. Isn’t that what hypnotists do use some sort of word that triggers a trance?

America is the Manchurian Electorate.

Policy is the exact same. How can nobody see that unless they are hypnotized?

Not only did Congress fail to over ride Bush’s S-Chip veto, they also look likely to confirm Mukasey who said openly in Congress that the President has the right to detain US citizens indefinitely without charge and that torture is acceptable. And, furthermore, the so-called Left congress also granted retroactive immunity to the phone companies.

“I don’t see why we should lay the blame for this on Pelosi or the Democratic Party . . . If anything the vote show how fucked Bush and the Republicans remain . . . ”

WTF? I think it shows how fucked the American people remain. Believe me, Bush is fine, he’s got his million acre ranch in Paraguay where he and Kenny Boy will enjoy their billions plundered from the Manchurian American’left’ blogosphere and ‘right’ hate radio listeners shouting ‘feminazi,’ ‘creationist,’ ‘red state,’ ‘blue state,’ ‘poopy,’ ‘cockee’ to each other.

Wake up! How do you snap someone out of a hypnotic state? Is there a magician in the audience?

If Pelosi were a good leader she would have worked her ass off, harrasing people until she got the votes needed. That’s what the republicans do when they want to get their trash pushed through. Pelosi instead is busy defending herself on every boring talk show imaginable, talking about how great this congress is despite popular opinion. This veto could have been overriden by a congress with decent leadership. Pelosi sold out to botox.

Screw the children!
We need National Healthcare for everyone and not with a tax hike on cigs.
This was a loser idea from the start and just a political game the wimp ass Dems did to make them look good…is was a bandage on a HUGE gaping was bullshit!
I am glad I am not paying another 36 bucks a month in taxes to fund this with my addiction.
You had to be smoking crack to think this had a chance in hell of passing…all smoke and mirrors…….

Dying of cancer’s a joy! Have fun. I suggest you save the extra $36 a month to pay for your oxygen tanks.

Well fucked is what I was hoping that y’all would get (Americans) so that ya’ll would stop killing peoples.

You want us to do everything in our personal power to act and fight what’s going on, yet you’re expat-ing. You gave me hope initially, now I just say fuck it, too.

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