No More Freedom in Holland? Where can I go now, Mars?


What’s the reason for this

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Officer Stella Steelpants must really get off on swinging that nightstick…I love the complete false bravado in her voice too when she uses the unnecessary profanity (as opposed to OUR profanity, which is so necessary! :-))

If you are frisked and have no weapons etc, you can go merrily on your way. I would rather be frisked and know that I’m in a safe area, than for no-one to be frisked, and for someone to pull a gun out and start shooting people. These are dangerous times, and whilst I don’t at all agree with the american administrations idea of invading countries, I do agree with taking measures on your own turf. You do your cause more harm than good, when you get deeply offended by instamces like this, and exaggerate the event by saying that there is ‘no more freedom in holland’. We need a sense of perspective here.

It’s called HYPERBOLE, mary. I didn’t REALLY mean there is NO freedom in Holland any more than I really meant that I’m going to fucking Mars.

It’s not a big deal. The problem is that the lawyer guy was trying to be a smartass by telling the cops that what they’re doing is illegal, they don’t like that. Try doing that in New Yawk, you get the same reaction. If you think you’ve been treated wrong, file a complaint. But i bet they didn’t even do that.

I get the safety thing…but it’s still puzzling. What exactly did they mean when they said, “You can film yourself, but you can’t film your friend?” It seems to me that if you’re not allowed to film, then you’re not allowed to film. Period.

Just made me go “hmmm.”

How much freedoms are you going to give up, voluntarily, for a small measure of false security? This society based on invisible bogymen is really starting to piss me off 🙂

That is the order that the mayor of Amsterdam passed, yes. However there are 2 notes.
1. Maxeuweplein is not listed in the area, which is where we were.
2. The dutch parliment has said to the mayor that these actions are not legal according to dutch law. This is still in discussion at the highest levels of government, so I guess they can keep doing it and apologise afterwards saying, “Sorry it was a breach of your civil rights we won’t do it again. Probably won’t at least.”

That article is correct except for two things.
1. We were at the Maxeuweplein which is not listed in the areas that this order falls under.
2. The mayor did pass the decree like some king, but the dutch parliment has said that this is not legal. It is still being discussed by the prime minister and cabinet whether this can or can’t happen as at the moment it is a breach of civil rights based on Durch Law and EU law.

In holland a discussion as to the legality of the police actions was always possible. My friend wasn’t being a smart ass, he was looking for a valid legal reason for the actions of the police. Which they didn’t give. Instead they just proceeded with force there actions. This is something that I come across in America all the time, but never had in Holland. Try filing a complaint in Amsterdam against the orders of the mayor for an incedent like this too. Vlogging is the only power we have.

There have been several shootings in Amsterdam during the preceding weeks and there certainly is, contrary to the random image presented at the end of the film, reason for the authorities to step up surveillance. That rather childish pair were simply provoking a reaction. The police are the only people standing between us and some distinctly dangerous people. I respect them because in 25 years of living in the Netherlands as an expat from Britain, they have never given me reason to dislike them. That is a great track record, and a tribute from someone who grew up in seventies (terrorism ravaged) Britain who brought an attitude along with himself. They take risks for me, so don’t fuck with them. If left wing Americans want to project their puerile fantasies onto the Dutch, then the only thing they achieve is to reveal how very ignorant they really are. Anyways, try provoke the police like that in almost any other country but The Netherlands, and we might have seen some real interesting footage of police brutality!


1. You are saying that this Dutch law, isnt even a real law. Then why dont you videotape me the Lawbook or something?

2. I would have had respect for you, if you really showed me why this law isnt correct. But the fact you dont even bother spending time on the law, you go out and annoy exuctives, the police, people who do theyre job by handling the law. If you have a problem, go whine at the government who make the LAW.
It would have made you less chickenshit, if you just stood up for your so-called “this isnt even a real law??? and get your ass arrested, and sue the officer… Why not? Cos you dont even know the law in NL plus you a GHEY ASS CHICKENSHIT…. and get the fuck out of my country cos your gheyface is pissing my off as well…

Its you Yanks SHIT USA that brought us all so far n e WAY!! If you wouldn´t be going out stealing oil and killing innocent people in the Middle East, we could be living here peacefully.


Try actually living in Holland at the present time before you assume there is no reason for these measures. It makes sense to comment of things you actually can relate to, rather than look at through clips on the internet. There’s nothing wrong with being left wing, but there seems to be a pattern of the righ going further to the right, and the left further to the left. Both of these views are extremes.

The “stop and search??? practice is for weapons. When I was in Amsterdam some years back a man similar in appearance to the Lawyer’s friend in the film run out of a prostitutes house with a gun, having just robbed her.
Have either of these two men been the victim of a robbery if so which would they prefer a search or a stabbing?
Are people’s human rights being breached if they are searched for weapons before entering a club?
How can a policeman determine when someone is acting suspiciously without the accusation of being prejudiced?

You’ve just embarrassed yourselves you spoilt brats.

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