Insane Film: Pumpy Umpy Umpkin



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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I hadn’t heard that Joanna Newsom track before. đŸ˜€

Of course after 46 seconds I wanted to kill that kid. And you. And then myself. Not Chauncey though, because we could see his pain.

Cool chromakey effect on the sofa. Even cooler 2001 hair.

Loving the seagull intro.

my 6 year loved it.. My wife was disturbed. I was pleased that such a small boy could appreciate such art. We all had nightmares..

started to get powerful when you were simply lipsyncing to the song. wandering about in your boxers and socks at the end made it creepy sickgood.

My 3 year old was fixated on it. Of course, any time he hears Richard’s voice (in either gender) or sees Richard on the screen, he wants to see it.

I like it too. It was both disturbing and entertaining. I loved the fun it poked at the preciousness of the song and the web site. Question (I hope this is not too personal but you brought it up lately): was this shot during your drug abuse years? You seemed to have a much different vibe in this film.

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