Video Journal for 04.05.06 Sleep Still


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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Awwww your fat and old! But its ok…as long as Trotsky gives you the love..thats what matters…and maybe that can be your excuse for getting up out of bed slowly.

Oh Rashey…Oh heavens it sucks to get old. I got the money do you feel like a little company for a couple of days? I know how you feel about Chauncy, Wayne’s last year was very hard on me…Potsie

You’re certainly welcome to come visit, but I have to tell you I’ve been so sad and depressed lately. I may not be much fun. Truthfully, I need some help managing this mess. I’ll be in town this weekend but not next weekend.

Do you still go to Indy? Maybe for Passover? I could come see you for a few hours. I’m so sorry about what you are going through. If I come to Chicago I will stay at a hotel so not to be a burden. Let me know…

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