Insane Films – Video Journal 06.10.06 – Attitudes towards Gays in Romania

Gay Romania?

I found this conversation very interesting.
In it, we discuss the anti-gay protests in Bucharest with two young straight rural boys.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I think you’re right in that it is important to have gay people represented in the national media but also in all forms of meedia and public venues. I believe that after a while of being exposed to gay people in their everyday lives, the thinking people will realize they have forgotton about the “gayness” of the gay person and started to appreciate the “personness” of the gay person (at least that’s that’s what I have found). So long as it’s a big mystery, things like “the sin” are going to bug people because they don’t have anything else to go by.

Of course we’ll have to come up with something else for the non-thinking people. How about electric shock?

Dreadful, how much educating needs to be done. The only “sin” here is the bloody ignorance of these two retards and the Roman church (with its pederasts aplenty) for perpetuating it o’er these many years in backward countries where they hold the most hostages.

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