Insane Films: Madge Speaks German

Madge Weinstein in Berlin yeast radio
Madge drinks for the first time in ages
and can only speak German now.

Featuring Helga and Ceven.

Check out Ceven’s amazing new podcast– all original electronic music which he composed himself!

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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What’s really freaky is I actually know what Madge is saying in German (and I don’t speak the language). Shame about the relapse though.

file under: fucking amazing!

Richard is hot!
Madge is hot!
Coloring, edits, cunt, cunt, cunt is hot!
Punk Rocker is hot! (i’m wet!)

This vid was so hot, i had to play the entire bit to my agency.
Agency sez – “hot! Could the Madge be the next spokesperson for Ford?” My people will call your people. ‘hello!’

btw, welcome back to the shitty U.S. of A!
xoxoxs – Imma (dag)

Fashions, I knew you were a little bit of a lubby (lesbian chubby) chaser.

thats wierd madge i would have thot that you would call richerd rich-turd lol,

this was your funnyiest film ever šŸ˜€ i fell ouver laughing a few times well done
good that the guy didnt have to go down on cheryl or he would have died of toxication.

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