15 thoughts on “Insane Films: Madge Speaks German”

  1. LOL, LOL, LOL and LOL!

    What’s really freaky is I actually know what Madge is saying in German (and I don’t speak the language). Shame about the relapse though.

  2. file under: fucking amazing!

    Richard is hot!
    Madge is hot!
    Coloring, edits, cunt, cunt, cunt is hot!
    Punk Rocker is hot! (i’m wet!)

    This vid was so hot, i had to play the entire bit to my agency.
    Agency sez – “hot! Could the Madge be the next spokesperson for Ford?” My people will call your people. ‘hello!’

    btw, welcome back to the shitty U.S. of A!
    xoxoxs – Imma (dag)

  3. thats wierd madge i would have thot that you would call richerd rich-turd lol,

    this was your funnyiest film ever 😀 i fell ouver laughing a few times well done
    good that the guy didnt have to go down on cheryl or he would have died of toxication.

  4. Woot!
    So funny!
    I watched it a fortnight ago and am still tickled when I remember it.
    The first half is MW at her best!

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