Insane Films: Yeastycunt


This is the first film I ever got screened at a film festival. It’s horrible. The part after the credits is funny though.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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It wasn’t horrible, just a little thin and you’ve done a lot better. But seeing you bastardize Shakespeare in a feather boa was fun.

However, holy shit at the end is that that bitch nurse from livejournal? PLEASE post more vintage video of her!

That wasn’t Shakespeare. It was Lewis Carroll… Jabberwocky translated almost verbatim into yeastguage.

I loved your simple yet effective application of the Shakespearian read. The actions of Panti-boy made me queazy. This film was like being in the shower and having someone turning the hot water on and off. I take it that was part of the effect you were going for. Nice job Richard.

Not that horrible, I enjoyed the recital of Jabberwocky (Jabbercracky?). Pumpy Umpy Umpkin was horrible. “A little light fisting” was even more horrible (put me right off my breakfast).

Nice pig.

The outro was fab.

That reminded me of a scene from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life. The scene where the tranny thing with faucets on her tits is asking where the fish could be.

That’s really funny! I forgoot about that film and seeing it a few years later, I appreciate it more. It’s a timeless piece.

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