Insane Films Vlog Europe 2006 Day 1


What a pain in the ass disaster this was. So many mishaps and horrible people. Oy vey.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I love the new (?) camera, it’s so clear and looks so professional. What type are you using? The last couple of podcasts and videocasts have been a little too esoteric and cuntfusing for me since I don’t know a lot of these videoblogging people but that’s ok.

Good vidyo honaye–The HD actually looked REAL good, even fullscreen.

Also, thanks for showing my animated GIF, that was hot. WERK THIS LAPSE.

Looking forward to more vids from the europes.

I take it that’s the new Canon — it seems to work well. From what I know of how you operate and from what I see, it tries really hard (and seems to succeed often) to make the best picture possible — despite the abuse you are giving it. Impressive.

Also, I love the perspective from your guests (on both this and Yeast Radio) as well as the pictures of Europe. Very nice.

Lastly, that’s the most sane I’ve seen Steve Harris — he’s cool.

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