Yeast Video: How to Make Money in Podcasting


Madge finally answers the questions she is most frequently asked.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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This movie was absolutely gross and disgusting and I loved it. It does, though, bring to question your standing as both a nice employee or welcome house guest.

BTW: I’m guessing the twisty-between-the-hands thing could make the penis get really thin at the base and possibly make ti come off all together.

Something I suspected of you but never realised until now.
Sucking cocks dry to get your way up the corporate greasy pole is one way of getting on I suppose.
Another way to get attention is to say that Curry will never make it as big as Simon Cowell and he should sell his options in podshow before the dollar takes another hammering, that’s if anybody wants to buy it! My money, if I had any, would be on Technorati.

Madge, this was the worst video on the computer you ever made. I was terrified.

Firstsley, I am all saddened by your hair. What happened to the Madge Weinstein’s hair? I dreamed one day you would donate your hair to make me a super fan wig that I could wear on Halloween day. Now I do not want you too do that so much.

Secondly, I am very mad at you that you choked yourself on German sausage for your video program. What if you like choked to death? If a hot sausage ever killed the Madge Weinstein, my spirit would be super crushed.

That was reckless Madge.

I had a flashback to when Maryann Hubbard at the Center I live and worked at choked on the kielbasa at the Center Oktoberfest Party on September 14, 2002. We where all having super fun until she ruined it by eating too fast and forcing us to call the 911.

Oh Madge. What if you choked? There is no emergency 911 in Not America.

Don’t ever do that again. A very bad video program by you.

Just superb, I’ve played this so many times I almost forgot to cumment.

I agree that this has to be one of the best and funniest Yeast Videos of all time. Better still, I now know how I could make money in podcasting, with lesbian-style vomiting, without too much difficultly. But, seeing what it does to your sanity, I’ll pass for now.

we don’t live in cottages, we have electricity, cars and televisions and there’s emergency 112 in germany.

Brian — on Yeast Radio ( we were discussing the stages of Madge and came up with four:

1. Classic Madge (Red hair, Fall 2005)

2. Blond Madge (Wild tall hair, Spring 2006 and Dildo Mic Demo for Rumor Girls)

3. Bloated Madge (Europe Summer 2006)

4. Sally Madge (Europe November 2006)

My preferences are in this order (best liked to least) 1, 4, 3 and finally 2.

Not that Madge will respond to your request (that’s what makes Madge, Madge) but for your own edification you can express which Madge you like best (or come up with another Madge version. As you can see, I rate this version of Madge second to Classic Madge.

How DARE you. Everyone knows that 911 America hospital help is the best. Much better than 112 Non America hospital help.

If The Madge chokes on the hot sausage she deserves the best America 911 help in the world, not some 112 nonsense that no one has ever heard of before.

And don’t be silly. Everyone knows cottages are only for vacation time in the summer time.

And I already knew Non America has fake television programs. But I am super thankful you tried to tell me anyway.

Madge Weinstein is wonderful.

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