this is SOOOOOO good

15 thoughts on “Insane Films: Penis Power – The Video (WITH INSANEFILMS.COM PATENTURD BLUBTITLES!”

  1. Simon is really cute. I see PodShow is putting their ads in videos now? Wouldn’t bother me any, I think it’s a neat ad, not too much, quick and simple.

  2. OK, I take it all back. You are the most vile person I know. As if your nostrils are bad enough, I am gagging on all of that puss. Though I like the glasses.

  3. I came across your site a couple of months ago (via the ‘Cooking with Madge–Lezbeans’ episode posted on, and I have been a daily visitor to your site since. I’m technologically stunted, so I’ll just have to get my vlogging fix from you. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks Andy! No, PodShow aren’t putting the ads in – I put that in myself deliberately so I can distribute the video on YouTube and MySpace while still showing my allegiance to PodShow.

  5. Such a good looking gu and you have to be on cameria looking like crap? That video is the funniest – almost shit myself. Keep up the creativity dude…and clean up on might get lucky enough to do me next time your in New York although I don’t do boro’’l have to stay in NY.

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